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What to expect
Step by step guide on how the process works

1. Upon booking a package, a detailed intake form will be sent to you for completion so I can understand your child’s sleep history, temperament, personality, daily routine, your parenting philosophy, and other pertinent information.  This allows our consult to be more focused and results driven.

2. After this is submitted, I will write you a bespoke step-by-step detailed sleep plan that takes into account your answers.

3. We will have our video consultation to discuss the plan and to answer all questions you may have. This will ensure you can implement the plan successfully.

4. I will provide support over our time together to ensure the plan is implemented successfully. Frequent check-ins will allow for the best results. Things can change as your little one adapts to their new routine and we may need to tweak our methods to ensure progression.

5. At the end of our time together you will have reached your desired goals and be fully equipped with the knowledge and confidence to tackle any future bumps in the road.

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