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Sammy Sleep Nanny | Baby & Child Sleep Consultant

Phone: 07931564452


Are you struggling and exhausted with lack of sleep? Are you feeling overwhelmed and not clear of a way out? Is your little one unable to self settle, waking frequently, rising early or unable to nap? Are you having bedtime battles?


Sleep deprivation can be brutal affecting the entire family. It can impact on relationships, decision making, work, health and mental wellbeing.


The good news is you don't need to struggle alone as help is here! I am a certified sleep consultant and coach parents how to help babies and young children to become efficient sleepers using holistic, gentle and responsive solutions. This encourages secure attachment and never entails a child feeling distressed.


Your child and family all deserve consistent restorative sleep and restful nights to wake up refreshed and enjoy the day together. I absolutely love what I do as a Baby & Child Sleep Consultant, knowing I make such a huge difference in a family's life, it's not only so rewarding for me, but transformational for you. 


Some of the common sleep challenges I offer solutions to are:


  • Bedtime settling

  • Nap struggles and transitions

  • Rocking/holding/feeding to sleep

  • Ditching the dummy

  • Frequent night waking

  • Bed hopping

  • Early rising

  • Transitioning to a big bed

  • Night weaning

  • Moving out of parents room

  • Co-sleeping


Please get in touch to book a free chat to talk over your goals, offer some advice and to see if we are a good fit to work together.




Sammy Sleep Nanny

Baby & Child Sleep Consultant x

Sleep Consultant Sammy Sleep Nanny
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Get your free Sleep Chart

Find out how much sleep your little one needs and how long they do best awake between sleeps - This beautiful chart will guide you from 0-6 years!

Why Sleep Train Your Little One?

For some families, sleep disturbances cause little impact while for others they can be hugely destructive. We've seen marriages fall apart, mothers suffer with depression, careers lost and near fatal accidents! Child development suffers and some children end up medicated when, in fact a behavioural intervention for sleep could have resolved things!

Cognitive Development

Sleep is vital for an infant's brain development. During sleep neural pathways are formed and memory consolidation takes place


Sleep deprivation can lead to poor concentration and confusion which puts both parent and child safety at greater risk

Health & Wellbeing

Parent and child sleep deprivation can lead to poor immune systems and increased illness as well as potential mental health concerns


A well rested family will feel better, interact and connect better bringing an overall sense of deeper joy and happiness!

Baby Sleeping Nap Rested Sleep Consultant

Common Sleep Challenges

Bedtime Battles

Difficulty settling to sleep at bedtime can bring about challenging behaviour but this is often caused by over tiredness. We will help you to overcome this problem.

Rocking/Feeding To Sleep

If your baby has become dependent on you rocking, holding or feeding her to sleep, we can gently work on her independently falling to sleep and becoming less reliant on you every time she wakes up.

Waking at Night

We all wake in the night and we're not trying to stop that. What we are aiming for is the ability to resettle back to sleep without the need for someone or something to do it for the baby or child every time.

Early Rising

Is your little one consistently waking early before 6am? There are several reasons as to why babies wake early. I can help you understand the specific reasons for your little one, devise a plan and help guide you through the solution

Not Napping

Short naps, a lack of naps and nap resistance are common challenges. We will explore the most suitable approach to help your child get restorative sleep in the optimal intervals.

Moving Away From Co-Sleeping

If co-sleeping is no longer working for you as a family, I can help you gently transition your little one into their own cot/bed and room whilst maintaining a secure attachment

When we put him down to nap we can now leave the room and he will settle himself, with very little help from us, whereas before we were needing to rock/stroke/feed him to sleep each time.

Lissy - Mum to Arley, 4 Months

Sleep Training FAQ

Sleep training is often misunderstood to be a process that requires leaving babies to cry...This is not true. Sleep training responsively means assisting a baby or child and meeting all their needs while helping them to achieve the best sleep they are capable of at any given stage in their development.

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